Skeletal Spectre - Voodoo Dawn (Digipak CD)

Skeletal Spectre - Voodoo Dawn (Digipak CD)

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Bludgeoning and inexorable through and through, grime-sovereigns SKELETAL SPECTRE once again incites the underworld with their deadly third conjuration "Voodoo Dawn"!

Spearheaded by the unholy death / doom metal queen Vanessa Nocera, "Voodoo Dawn" proudly displays a plethora of sagacious riffs that crush like a two-ton hammer and yet sickens enough to contaminate a diseased swamp. Sludge parts crawl in and out on occasions in an malefic alliance with some ugly d-beat indulgence!


Track listing

  1. Voodoo Dawn
  2. Altar of Damballah
  3. Serpent Moon
  4. Bone Dust
  5. Shallow Grave
  6. Black Augury Hollow
  7. She-Wolf of Devil's River
  8. Haunted Gallows
  9. The Flip-Side of Satan