Skogen - Eld (Cassette)

Skogen - Eld (Cassette)

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Killer epic black metal from Sweden! Third album.


Track listing

  1. Djavulens eld
  2. Apokalypsens vita dimma
  3. Genom svarta vatten
  4. Nihil Sine Morte
  5. Aska
  6. Svavelpsalm
  7. Orcus Labyrint
  8. Monolit


Another thing worth mentioning is that every song have brilliant parts of different kind, e.g. a nice bass line or a chorus or a solo or whatnot which makes each song more individual. I must also say something more about the bass, which is actually audible (surprise!), and it is the fact that it's used in a nice manner during the entire record, more or less. This adds always adds some spice in the black metal world. - 4/5