Skogen - Vittra (Cassette) Skogen - Vittra (Cassette)

Skogen - Vittra (Cassette)

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Killer epic black metal from Sweden! Debut album.


Track listing

  1. Dimfard
  2. Skuggorna kallar
  3. Eld
  4. Ur morkret hon kommer
  5. Host
  6. Valnaden
  7. Skymning
  8. Under fullmanens sken
  9. I skogens djup


...a nicely melodic opus. Lengthy/elaborate tracks also add a definite epic flavor to their overall sound. Distorted leads, crunchy riffs, wicked vocals, occasional double basses and a mixture of melancholy and a haunted atmosphere set Vittra in the black metal arts... highly recommended album... - 4/5