Slasher 6666 - Issue 10 (Zine) Slasher 6666 - Issue 10 (Zine)

Slasher 6666 - Issue 10 (Zine)

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Perverse underground comic from Scotland! Latest issue, print quality has improved, size has increased, more subversive art violence... and full colour covers!

Includes free noise compilation cdr with music by Drunk In Hell, No Guts, Super Luxury, Piss Disco, Vinegar Strokes, Brown, Cowtown, Gorean Slave Master, Normal Man, Tamar SS, Girl Sweat, Shrieking Violents, British Football Hooligans, Cum Scene, Halarious, Rotten.

Artists: Noah Brown, Ace Tagg, Karl Whiting, Erin Vera Hyde, Dariusz, Hooligan Head, Oliver Tordoff, Billy Watts, Sam Huddleston.


  • Year: 2012
  • Format: Zine, 36 pages, 28 x 20 cm