Slaves - Issue 1 (Zine)

Slaves - Issue 1 (Zine)

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40 A5 pages of Perversion and nihilistic psychedelia featuring interviews with:
The mighty Dave Slave (SADISTIK EXEKUTION)
Wheresmyskin Zine
Funeral French
24/7 Female Slave
CONQUROR retrospective
Towards Global Holocaust.
Great new zine with cut n paste design and plenty of classic exploitation sleaze!



Well my little droogies, what do we have here... A new zine, with a bloke calling himself Sid, be that for Insidious or other I am not sure... SLAVE zine is a 40 page half size zine from "god save the queen land" in Britain.. and I have to say I am very impressed with the character of the zine. Irregardless that he includes yours truly, he comes up with very personable questions, going from pigtails and sodomy to the idea of world downfall on a slow, but decent scale.. CONQUEROR, NUCLEAR HAMMER and SLAVE MYNXIE are some of the stand outs, and yes, being a bastard I will also say he includes WHEREMYSKIN and TOWARDS GLOBAL HOLOCAUST... Its not a long read, but unlike myself, this fellow is able to use proper cut and paste so things are LEGIBLE.. something, after 11 issues I can still not comprehend... Oh did I mention the vile porn and boobs, pupper, chi chis, nichons, and what ever other language I'm forgetting that means TITS covering the inner components of the zine? heh... Nice, perky and fuckable ... overall this is for those that still want an underground feel and don't mind the cut and paste feel... Sid is FAR from "politically correct", so if rape, gunning down humans and/or mass terror bother you, you should probably not pick this up. And, while you're at it, go to church ask for forgiveness and don't forget to swallow. - 5/5