Slayer - Sons of Satan: Rare Live and Rehearsal 1983 (CD)

Slayer - Sons of Satan: Rare Live and Rehearsal 1983 (CD)

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Unofficial CD release of very rare early SLAYER!!

Part 1: Live at the Woodstock, Orange County 28 March 1983 (about 7 months before recording Show No Mercy). The live show is great, but it has been around and is actually one of the earliest SLAYER gigs filmed on video.

Part 2: The highlight of this CD is the 31 December 1983 rehearsal recorded in Tom's basement. Very rare and another chance to hear their best material in a non-live setting, a few weeks after the debut LP was released. Killer!


Track listing

  1. Black Magic
  2. Die By The Sword
  3. Tormentor
  4. Simple Aggression
  5. Blitzkrieg
  6. Ice Titan
  7. Assassin
  8. Night Rider
  9. Crionics
  10. Aggressive Perfector
  11. Evil Has No Boundaries
  12. Aggressive Perfector
  13. The Antichrist
  14. Black Magic
  15. Die By The Sword
  16. Tormentor
  17. Crionics
  18. The Final Command
  19. Face The Slayer
  20. Fight Till Death
  21. Show No Mercy