Sleeping Dogs - Beware (CD) Sleeping Dogs - Beware (CD)

Sleeping Dogs - Beware (CD)

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A collection of out-of-print material from 1980s New York / San Francisco political punk rock duo SLEEPING DOGS (who changed their name to BRAIN RUST in 1986). Led by Bad Boy (a woman) and Dirty Dog, the band delivered a purely original form of damaged punk with an artful slant. Includes all four tracks originally released on a 7-inch in 1982 by Crass Records (with backing from Penny Rimbaud and Phil Free), along with demo and live tracks, as well as some cuts recorded in 1988 as BRAIN RUST. Dirty Dog is also credited with designing the Crass logo.


Track listing

  1. Same Old Song
  2. Concrete
  3. Suzy's Song
  4. (I Got My Tan In) El Salvador
  5. Soldier
  6. Model Miss
  7. Pol Pot
  8. Riot Mix
  9. Pain
  10. We Got
  11. Mabuse
  12. Homeland
  13. Francis
  14. Rain
  15. Don't Believe Them
  16. San Antonio
  17. El Salvador Version
  18. We Got Version
  19. Pain Basic
  20. Delayed