Slint - Untitled (EP)

Slint - Untitled (EP)

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Released after the band had broken up, in 1994, and recorded in 89 this is the final release by SLINT. Two tracks, the unreleased "Glenn" and a reinterpretation of "Rhonda" (originally on Tweez). The last artefact by a legendary post rock band.


Track listing

  1. Untitled ("Glenn")
  2. Untitled ("Rhoda")


The album is a 20-minute barrage of haunting melodies and caustic noise. It is entirely instrumental, and this evidences Slint's skill and ambition. Without lyrics, the music takes a precedence that it perhaps lacks on other albums. Although greatly in the character of their earlier work, this album breaks through as Slint's most important release. Sadly, though, the album acknowledges the breakup of the band. Many have followed in the wake of Slint, but it seems unlikely that anyone will eclipse them. The album is a requisite listen for anyone interested in the post-rock era. - 5/5