Slowdive - Catch the Breeze (2CD)

Slowdive - Catch the Breeze (2CD)

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25 track compilation, including all but one of the songs from the essential Souvlaki LP (1993)..


Track listing

  1. Slowdive
  2. Avalyn I
  3. Morningrise
  4. Catch the Breeze
  5. Golden Hair
  6. Shine
  7. Albatross
  8. Golden Hair (Live BBC Peel Session)
  9. Spanish Air
  10. So Tired
  11. Alison
  12. Country Rain
  13. Machine Gun
  14. When the Sun Hits
  15. 40 Days
  16. Souvlaki Space Station
  17. Dagger
  18. Here She Comes
  19. Melon Yellow
  20. Sing
  21. Blue Skied an' Clear
  22. Crazy for You
  23. J's Heaven
  24. Visions of LA
  25. Rutti


This new two-disc compilation neatly cuts through these seminal shoegazers' three-album, multiple-single career, compacting all their best work into one handy, chronologically arranged collection that moves from the lush and delicate to the dark and ominous-- and all while making the case that the band transcended their genre to become both "lost generation" compatriots of post-rock and a massive influence on today's indie-leaning electronic artists. - 5/5