Smuta - Drunken Song of the War (Хмельная песнь войны) (CD)

Smuta - Drunken Song of the War (Хмельная песнь войны) (CD)

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Song of the War is SMUTA's second album released at the end of October 2008. Nine tracks of melodic Slavic pagan metal, the band creates a blend of traditional pagan metal and melodic death metal.
Features guest vocals on several tracks from Maria Smolya of SAMODIVA and members of TUMULUS.


Track listing

  1. Колесо богов
  2. Хмельная песнь войны
  3. Вслед за солнца кругом
  4. В край родных богов
  5. По морю
  6. Чужой рукой
  7. За шагом шаг
  8. По воле нашей
  9. Земля отцов