Snakeskin Angels - Witchchapel (CD)

Snakeskin Angels - Witchchapel (CD)

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Luciferian Rock'n'Roll from Gothenburg, performed by the members of SWORDMASTER, DOMGÅRD, NOX AUREA, TAETRE, LIKBLEK & STYGGELSE. After the killer "Follow the Snake to the Core" demo, the band certainly didn't stop and only gained its diabolical momentum, which was further strengthened by a series of successful gigs around the Gothenburg area. Serpentine prayers, with clean vocals and catchy riffs, clad in cold reptile skin. Join the Devil's Thrust!


Track listing

  1. The Devil's Thrust
  2. Nightchild
  3. Threefaced Saviour
  4. Beneath Me
  5. Witchchapel


When the first seconds of Snakeskin Angels' debut Witchchapel kicked I immediately remembered the first time I heard Midnight Chaser's Rough and Tough EP. Pure oldschool proto-metal in the style of fellow Swedes In Solitude but with a slightly less obvious Mercyful Fate influence. Another reference point would be Witchcraft from the UK - both bands go for a stripped down, vintage guitar tone but Snakeskin Angels leans less towards the Sabbath worship and more towards early 70's Priest. The emphasis falls solely on the guitar playing of Grim Vindkall and Daniel Kvist and the riffs which they craft. Drums are somewhat subdued and mixed lightly, there is little emphasis there which separates Snakeskin Angels from what I would call a true oldschool throwback since there was such an influence on big bombastic drums during the late 70's and the period which they are drawing main influence from. - 4/5