Snyper - Manifestations (CD)

Snyper - Manifestations (CD)

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SNYPER recorded this material in 1990 and intended it as their debut album (tentatively titled For What It's Worth). By 1991 the label (run by SNYPER vocalist Daryl) had folded and the band split. Now, the entire album plus two bonus songs (from the same 1990 session) are finally available to hear!


Track listing

  1. Death Rite at Sunset
  2. Indocrinate
  3. Perpetual Insanity
  4. Coprophilia
  5. For What It's Worth
  6. Feel Not, See Nothing
  7. Circle of Pain
  8. Manifestations
  9. Beginning of the End / Penance
  10. C.M.F.T.
  11. Sacred Blade Bonus
  12. No Death So Sad Bonus