So I Had to Shoot Him - Alpha Males and Popular Girls (CD)

So I Had to Shoot Him - Alpha Males and Popular Girls (CD)

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On their debut full length Alpha Males & Popular Girls, SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM complete their metamorphosis from purveyors of mid-90's art-damaged powerviolence to modern blastpop visionaries. These ten songs marry monstrous metallic riffing and surreal, swirling pop seizures to cyclones of gasoline-soaked noise skronk and arena-sized rock blowouts that are fronted with sass and ferocity courtesy of frontwoman Libby Schaub. Alpha Males is a boldly imaginative debut, chock full of infectious hooks and crazed heaviness that summons crazed grindcore, girl-fronted indie pop, pulverizing metalcore, dance punk, gleaming melodic shoegazer bliss, and mutant stadium-rock anthems ... all in the same breath.


Track listing

  1. People Hugging and Football
  2. Another Roman E' Clef by Hart Bochner
  3. Cadavertising
  4. John Cleese and the Fountain of Youth
  5. King Diamond in the Rough
  6. Stoicism Conservatory for the Marred of Heart
  7. Chausson Chansson
  8. Contusion Schematics
  9. Sherman Tank-Flavored Anvil Forcefeedings
  10. Persuasive


Although you'd never know it by listening to the radio or watching MTV, the early 21st century -- perhaps more than any other time in the history of rock -- has seen quite a few bands that have little regard for sticking to a single genre. A prime example is the New York City/New Jersey quintet So I Had to Shoot Him, which has created a style the bandmembers refer to as "sex metal," in which singer Libby's "Debbie Harry meets death metal" vocals do battle with the noisecore-ish technicality of the instrumentalists in the band. - 4/5