So Much for Nothing - Livsgnist (CD)

So Much for Nothing - Livsgnist (CD)

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This debut album from SO MUCH FOR NOTHING serves you catchy melodies and original vocals, as well as interesting bass lines and solid drums, all teamed up in a great production. Their sound is somehow unique, bringing in instruments as saxophone, trumpet, cello, violin and flute among others, and this album sure is an original work! The roots from black metal is absolutely there, but this album represents some kind of a mix of dark rock and pop music as well. An overall desperate and gloomy feeling is what comes out from SO MUCH FOR NOTHING! This is definitive an album for fans of JOYLESS, SHINING, DEN SAAKALDTE, LIFELOVER and MY DYING BRIDE!


Track listing

  1. Suicide-Syndrome
  2. One Last Night
  3. Perfect
  4. Suffer in Silence
  5. My Precious
  6. Livsgnist
  7. New Life - New Beginning