Solefald - World Metal Kosmopolis Sud (Digipak CD)

Solefald - World Metal Kosmopolis Sud (Digipak CD)

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With World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud, Solefald challenges the listener with their complex musical diversity, taking the listener on a surreal adventure to truly unique musical settings and sound constellations yet to be discovered. Merging raw Norwegian Metal, Dutch Techno with Norse and African folk and rhythms, Solefald has beyond doubt crafted an out of the ordinary sound; World music with black edges. This album sees Solefald return to 1999's postmodern album Neonism both lyrically and musically.


Track listing

  1. World Music with Black Edges (Kosmopolis Sud)
  2. The Germanic Entity (Kosmopolis Nord)
  3. Bububu Bad Beuys
  4. Future Universal Histories (Umgangskrigen)
  5. Le Soleil
  6. 2011, or A Knight of the Fail (Toteninsel)
  7. String the Bow of Sorrow (Solefald, 15.9.1995)
  8. Oslo Melancholy (Den Norske Sumaren)


It's difficult to believe that an album of this character can be catchy beyond belief given the points of absurdity and generic disobedience in an openly outlandish performance that very nearly crosses the line between serious composition and a farce. Yet a farce this is not, as Solefald further extend a discography of idiosyncrasy that pushes enthusiastically beyond the boundaries of black metal, if not metal in general. - 5/5