Solothus - Ritual of the Horned Skull (2013 Reissue) (Cassette)

Solothus - Ritual of the Horned Skull (2013 Reissue) (Cassette)

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Debut demo! Sick death/doom from Finland, drawing influence from 90's death/doom and traditional doom metal!

This tape reissue includes A Call to War, which was originally intended for a split with CATALEPTIC.


Track listing

  1. A Call to War
  2. Throne of Bones
  3. Embrace the Cold
  4. Darkness Gathers Here at Night


This is death-doom, pure and simple and total old-school. Think of early Candlemass, Cathedral, Paradise Lost, Trouble, Runemagick, Black Sabbath and perhaps the slower, doomier Pentagram stuff blended with the hellish horror metal of a Hooded Menace and you have the sound and style of Solothus. So we are talking about ground-breaking originality or anything new but I am talking about infectious chugging riffing and ominous atmosphere. - 5/5