Solothus - Summoned from the Void (CD)

Solothus - Summoned from the Void (CD)

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Debut album! Sick death/doom from Finland, drawing influence from 90's death/doom and traditional doom metal!


Track listing

  1. Frostbane Overture
  2. Hordes of the North
  3. Plaguewing
  4. Magus of Doom
  5. Summoned from the Void
  6. Upon Shattered Lands


This isn't doom metal with some chugging, or death metal with some doomy moments. There are heaping mounds of crawling anguish here, like your psyche's been harnessed to granite-wrapped-in-lead plow and after trudging through eighteen acres of black earth there are still eighty-two acres to go. Alternately, when the death metal grooves kick in, the boys bring some genuine feel-filthy aggression and make you believe this is all they ever really wanted to play. - 4/5