Somnivore / Circle of Ouroborus - Golden Blood (LP)

Somnivore / Circle of Ouroborus - Golden Blood (LP)

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Two artistic entities offer up an unconventional course of community incorporating wailing post-punk with dream ambience. Moving through the silent parts of thought and speech both parties take their leaps into a shining & redoubtable stream without haste or hesitation. The entirety has a strong sense of unexpectancy & wonder, like a wall with a door you never saw before or the end of a message you thought you'd never receive.


Track listing

  1. Somnivore - Crosses of Iron, Crosses of Gold
  2. Somnivore - It Is Told (A Common Funeral)
  3. Somnivore - My Blood Is Melting
  4. Somnivore - A Bard and the Serpent
  5. Circle of Ouroborus - A Storm Approaching
  6. Circle of Ouroborus - The Parade
  7. Circle of Ouroborus - A Homecoming (Emptiness of an Empty Nest)
  8. Circle of Ouroborus - We Come Through the Sun