Sorcier des Glaces - Ritual of the End (CD)

Sorcier des Glaces - Ritual of the End (CD)

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SORCIER DES GLACES strikes back with a fifth full-length album, featuring seven rituals of ice and darkness. Seven blackened hymns of Cold Primitive Metal from the northern desolate landscapes of Quebec. Old school to the bone, yet melodic, powered by a crushing metallic production. Ritual of the End features a cover of the mighty SAMAEL, rightfully chosen from their 1992 album "Blood Ritual". The end of human race is near...


Track listing

  1. Under the Moonlight
  2. Morbid Ritual
  3. Snowland
  4. The Frozen Sword of Midnight
  5. The Sign of the End
  6. Macabre Operetta (Samael cover)
  7. Slumbering in the Dark