Soror Dolorosa - Severance (CD) Soror Dolorosa - Severance (CD)

Soror Dolorosa - Severance (CD)

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Death rock. Cold-wave. Dark, unsettling new-wave, post-punk, batcave music from France. Severance is their debut release.

Frontman Andy Julia will be familiar to most as the original, and current, drummer of NUIT NOIRE. He has also played in PESTE NOIRE, MUTIILATION, CELESTIA and is one half of DARVULIA.
SOROR DOLOROSA however is a complete departure from metal. Cold-wave blue sounds influenced by 80s post-punk and the variety of -wave splinters that formed in that decade. Bands like SISTERS OF MERCY, VIRGIN PRUNES, SLOWDIVE, SPECIMEN (and other Batcave club regulars - THE CURE, SIOUXSIE etc.) serve as pointers while building their own approach within a French revival.

Sombre, passionate music with careful, often sparse, song writing; shimmering guitar notes, strong important bass lines, drums that pound the bass and crack the snare; and a palpable sense of detachment, emphasising the cold in cold-wave.


Track listing

  1. Beau Suicide
  2. 43°
  3. Dare Me
  4. Trembling Androgynous
  5. Thousand Clouds
  6. American Chronicle


...while we love the current revival of lo-fi new wave goth garage pop, Cold Cave, Blank Dogs, Gary War, Zola Jesus, etc... Soror Dolorosa has supplanted them all and now seems to be the record we can NOT stop listening to. - 5/5