Sotatila - Vituiks Meni (EP)

Sotatila - Vituiks Meni (EP)

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Second EP from this Finnish / Austrian band, and the first new release on Havoc in over a year. SOTATILA play pure Finnish hardcore in the early 80's style. Stripped down, raw thrashing hardcore that makes you feel like you are watching KAAOS at Lepakko in 1983.


Track listing

  1. Vituiks Meni
  2. Suksi Vittuun
  3. Ei Toimi
  4. Miks Sa Elat?
  5. Vittupaiden Valtakunta
  6. Napit Irti
  7. Raha
  8. Natsimaa


I'm immediately whiffed back to '83-'84 to a dirty finish squat with Mellakka, Kaoss and Riistetyt pumping tunes straight into my blood-veins. One solid slap of wax. - 5/5