Soul Dissolution - Cold Rays and Grey Waves (Cassette)

Soul Dissolution - Cold Rays and Grey Waves (Cassette)

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Excellent melancholic black metal from Belgium! This is the self-released tape edition of the debut demo, just released earlier this month.


Track listing

  1. The Smell of Freedom
  2. This Red Painting in the Sky
  3. Waves
  4. The Final Dissolution - Part 1
  5. (dissolution)


Soul Dissolution is a 3 man black metal band based in Belgium. Being influenced by bands such as Alcest and Drudkh, they play a brand of melancholic black metal that is unbelievably good! Drawing inspirations from their inner struggles, the music has a very emotional feel to it throughout the 30 minute demo. The members were very connected to their music and every song has an extremely personal feel to it. - 5/5