Spektr - The Art to Disappear (Digipak CD)

Spektr - The Art to Disappear (Digipak CD)

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SPEKTR is a myserious French black metal duo, known for their experimental and mind-altering approach to extreme music. The band takes delight in delivering an infinitely dark, at times psychotic aura, and transmuting the black metal reins into a loose form. Shrouded in a veil of vocalless, industrial and ambient-infected secrecy, the duo's music stands as a metaphore for a trip into the unconfortable unknown.


Track listing

  1. Again
  2. Through the Darkness of Future Past
  3. Kill Again
  4. From the Terrifying to the Fascinating
  5. That Day Will Definitely Come
  6. Soror Mystica
  7. Your Flesh Is a Relic
  8. The Only One Here
  9. The Art to Disappear