Spiderpact - Goatspeed Into Magenta Vacuum (CD)

Spiderpact - Goatspeed Into Magenta Vacuum (CD)

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Described as avant-garde metal and earning reviews of high praise and bewilderment. Goatspeed is their debut release five tracks 2009.


Track listing

  1. Spit! Spider-spit! (Aeschatonian Death-spell)
  2. My Goat Is Bigger than Yours!!
  3. Haunebu Jugend / Solitudo In Excelsis / Tinfoil Headgear
  4. Stormclad into Nihil (Existential Penetralia)
  5. In Cells Dwell (Spirit)


SPIDERPACT blew me away, and though I can't help to draw lots of comparisons to the heroes of AGM I can imagine worse than being compared to them. Besides, it is all on a high technical and musical standard rather than some wannabe copy and fun listening to. I expect something big for their first album (pleasepleaseplease); with the last track they have proven that they are able to create something individual so if their own note gets integrated more we could be in for the development of the next big thing of AGM. Along came a spider (yes, I know, I had to do this) - and left a huge impression. - 5/5