Stary Olsa - Kielich Kola (CD)

Stary Olsa - Kielich Kola (CD)

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Mysticism of pagan rituals, voices of castles and the vibrant power of medieval melodies, interlaced with the energy, terrene malice and great heartedness of the bellicose ancestors.

This CD of pure acoustic music, performed by copies of ancient Belarusian instruments (except for guitar and flute), reflects the artistic preferences of the Belarusian medieval military class. Song lyrics are real words of medieval folklore in minimal adaptation.

Compositions 1-10 are journeys to early Middle Ages where one can hear the sound of bagpipes (duda), harp, žaliejka, trumpet, flute, harp, drum, and tambourine. The particularly ancient hudok is replaced here with a similar-sounding hurdy-gardy.

Compositions No 11-17 are devoted to the late Middle Ages where the music is enriched with such instruments as guitar and flute.


Track listing

  1. Zakliaccie
  2. Balada
  3. Laddzia
  4. Pir
  5. Tryzna
  6. Što j pa moru (Belarusian folk song)
  7. Tancy
  8. Poŭnia
  9. Ruža-kvietka (Belarusian folk song)
  10. Vajtoŭna (Belarusian folk song)
  11. Imža
  12. Pachod
  13. Kielich kola (Belarusian folk song)
  14. Liegienda
  15. Brama
  16. Tam za chalmom