Stary Olsa - Medieval Discotheque (CD)

Stary Olsa - Medieval Discotheque (CD)

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Medieval discotheque is a sort of a concert of Middle Ages' music that revives all the signs of the ways our ancestors world have a rest, i.e. old music played by old instruments, dances and lots of Belarusan beer. The medieval discotheques are organized in Miensk 2-3 times a year.


Track listing

  1. U karaleuskim vojsku (XVI cent)
  2. Vajtouna (XVI cent)
  3. Platerspiel (XIII cent)
  4. A que por (XIV cent)
  5. Totus Floreo (XIV cent)
  6. Marazula (XIV-XVI cent)
  7. Saltarello (XIV cent)
  8. Tourdion (XV cent)
  9. Ai Vis Lo Lop
  10. Rujevit
  11. Totentanz (XIII cent)
  12. Rycar zbrojny (XVII cent)
  13. Vojcech