Stary Olsa - Vir (CD)

Stary Olsa - Vir (CD)

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Infrequent instruments, mediaeval reels, numinous impromptus, instrumental ancientry, club recordings, and a disco-version.

In this music, there is a devout obeisance to history and unfirmamented troth to avital instruments, among which the most unearthly Belarusan instrument bagpipe is set on the highest pedestal.


Track listing

  1. Angel
  2. Invocation
  3. Branle
  4. Rivulet (Bielarusan folk dance)
  5. Pursuit
  6. Trotto (mediaeval dance)
  7. Weel (Bielarusan folk dance)
  8. Departure (mediaeval dance, remix)
  9. Codex (mediaeval dance)
  10. Hiemal Forest
  11. Bagpipe (archaic Bielarus)
  12. Ocarina (archaic Bielarus)
  13. Psaltery (archaic Bielarus)
  14. Reed Pipe (archaic Bielarus)
  15. Beer Foam
  16. Padyspan
  17. Niamon
  18. Waltz
  19. Dances
  20. Rujevit
  21. Rujevit (DJ Anton Mix)