Sterbefall - Verlorene Zeit (CD)

Sterbefall - Verlorene Zeit (CD)

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Five years spent in digging into soul-searching, numerous personal griefs of each STERBEFALL member expressed on Verlorene Zeit. Despondency, depression, self-hate, pain can be feeled deeply on focusing on lost time. Despair and lassitude turn into rage and spite, which freezes and disperses with silky whisper and fierce yell. Verlorene Zeit - attempt to self learn through a look into the past.


Track listing

  1. Kvlt
  2. Einsamkeit
  3. Stirb Nicht
  4. Negativ
  5. Abschiedsbrief
  6. Verlorene Zeit
  7. Verbogene Gras
  8. Augenblick