Storm Legion - The Eye of the Prophet (CD)

Storm Legion - The Eye of the Prophet (CD)

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After years of silence the grimster STORM LEGION reappear with their long awaited debut album after a demo, EP and several compilation tracks. It was about time to let the world listen what they had in storage for many years. An album invoke the old days of acts such as DODHEIMSGARD and DARKTHRONE with dose of blacktrash poison. No new ground broken? So what the fuck narrow mind grim black metal it is???


Track listing

  1. Destroyer
  2. Of Sadness and Grim Cyclones
  3. Sister
  4. Misfortune of Those Who Deserve It
  5. A Noite
  6. Decaying of the Horned Ones
  7. Throne of Misery
  8. All Ends