Strotter Inst - Anna/annA (EP)

Strotter Inst - Anna/annA (EP)

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Using five, old manipulated Lenco turntables and various cut or taped records and found objects, Switzerland's Strotter Inst. (aka Christoph Hess) creates polymorph sound and rhythm structures. The tracks on "Anna/Anna" are more atmospheric than past works and at times resemble field recordings of "lurching" frogs. The listener is met with a single black 7" record(with no labels) in a clear sleeve. Once the record has been removed, the artwork and liner notes(which double as a map to instruct the listener on how to play the record) are revealed and can only be read though the clear sleeve. The tracks (two per side) play inside out and outside in ending in the center of the record in the same locked groove.


Track listing

  1. An
  2. na
  3. an
  4. nA


Similar to the sound poetry power in the raw and infatile repitition of words, the 7" is so full of vitality, it fairly jumps off the spindle itself. - 4/5