Stupids - The Complete BBC Peel Sessions (Digipak CD)

Stupids - The Complete BBC Peel Sessions (Digipak CD)

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The Complete BBC Peel Sessions contains the bands three Peel sessions plus the solitary FRANKFURTER Peel session!

STUPIDS were the legendary UK hardcore punk pioneers who, in three short years from 1984 to 1987 went from 4 track demos to the front cover of NME and Sounds with Indie Number 1 Chart albums. The first hardcore band to record a session for the John Peel Show, to openly embrace US hardcore punk within their sound and style, STUPIDS paved the way for the whole UKHC scene and "Britcore" explosion that followed. The Godfathers of UK Skate punk now finally get the reissues their back catalogue deserves, and the first time any STUPIDS reissues have been done with the complete involvement and backing of the band themselves. Four years in the making, the six part STUPIDS discography series with the bonus unreleased tracks and packaging making them the must-own versions for any hardcore punk fan.


Track listing

  1. Layback Session
  2. Jesus Do What You Have To
  3. Rootbeer Death
  4. The Memory Burns / Slumber Party Massacre
  5. Inbred Zombies
  6. Gimme Donuts
  7. Hot Babes
  8. We're Gonna Eat / John Peel
  9. Life's a Drag
  10. Heard it all Before
  11. Shaded Eyes
  12. Dog Log
  13. Stupid Monday
  14. You Die
  15. You'll Never Win
  16. Pasta Boy
  17. You Little World
  18. You Don't Belong