Subduer - Death Monolith (CD)

Subduer - Death Monolith (CD)

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There is clash of sounds coming from Baden-Würtemberg, Germany; a transmission of marvelous power electronics & war metal. The songs introduce themselves with buzzing & murmuring frequencies, but there is just slight room for slow patterns. It strikes forth with full power, impact & grudge. The fourth track named Domination Transmission reveals a more mid-tempo potential of the force. Foreboding in the first seconds, you have to prepare for an almost hypnotic & trance-like induction. Death Monolith is a rare unbridled occasion to hear this hybrid of styles. Fans of TETRAGRAMMACIDE, LASSE MARHAUG, LUCIATION & GENOCIDE SHRINES will be more than pleased to treat their eardrums with this savage outcome.


Track listing

  1. Death Monolith
  2. Zulifiqar
  3. Execution Ritual
  4. Domination Transmission