Subvertio Deus - Psalms of Perdition (2012 Reissue) (CD)

Subvertio Deus - Psalms of Perdition (2012 Reissue) (CD)

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A final sign of the great death of SUBVERTIO DEUS, these psalms are first and last Alpha and Omega: Principium et Finis!

Over an hour of intense blazing black metal with incredibly numinous atmosphere, complex and haunting, a terrifying work and spiritual epitaph!
Now reforged in proud alliance to further embed this monument in the forsaken minds of men, this edition comes with complete new artwork, lyrics and annotations by SUBVERTIO DEUS!


Track listing

  1. Alpha
  2. I
  3. II
  4. Theoria
  5. III
  6. IV
  7. Omega


The bottom line is that SUBVERTIO DEUS, while not entirely original, are a cracking outfit that latched on to an admittedly 'difficult' sonic template and, lo and behold, perfected it to the point that any serious Black Metal fan should go out and acquire this one without hesitation. As a general rule the apprentice rarely trumps the master, but these guys may just prove that axiom wrong. - 4/5