Suicidal Winds - Total Death n' Live (CD)

Suicidal Winds - Total Death n' Live (CD)

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"Total Death N' Live" is a live recording spanning SUICIDAL WIND's entire career! Uncompromising rage and death / thrash metal madness put on disc! Including a studio cover on KREATOR's "Total Death".


Track listing

  1. In Death's Domain
  2. Wrath Of The Slaughter
  3. The Mangler
  4. Suicidal Death
  5. Winds Of Death
  6. Misanthropic Anger
  7. Evil's Eternal Power
  8. Morbid Temptation
  9. Sign Of Evil (Violent Force cover)
  10. Demonic Prayer
  11. Crush Us With Fire
  12. Rapehammer
  13. The Road To Hell
  14. Total Death (Kreator cover)


This band is very much into ugly, raw proto-Thrash like Kreator and older Sodom. There's a little bit of old Celtic Frost worship in here, as well as hints of bands like Angel Corpse and Bestial Warlust - pretty much every band you can think of who bash out old-fashioned down and dirty Thrashing Death. This a live album, but the sound is pretty good - it's raw, loose, and sloppy, but that's what live albums are supposed to sound like. - 4/5