Surrealist - Playing God (CD) Surrealist - Playing God (CD)

Surrealist - Playing God (CD)

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SURREALIST's only release, Playing God, now available again on expanded CD. Also includes MASSAKIST's final demo, Of All That is Seen... and Unseen, as a bonus—totaling 14 tracks of high-quality output for fans of FATES WARNING, NEVERMORE, WATCHTOWER, etc. Fully remastered and restored, the disc comes housed alongside a 20-page booklet filled with photos, flyers, ephemera, lyrics, and an extensive new interview with the band.


Track listing

  1. False Illumination
  2. Voices Broken
  3. A Time of Sighs
  4. Acapella Diablo
  5. Liquid Destiny
  6. Shiny Thing
  7. Dr. Kevorkian
  8. Entropic Surreality
  9. See Life
  10. Dreams of an End
  11. Of All That is Seen
  12. Darkly the Turn
  13. Triskaidekaphobia
  14. The Storyteller