Sutcliffe Jugend - Blue Rabbit (Digipak CD) Sutcliffe Jugend - Blue Rabbit (Digipak CD)

Sutcliffe Jugend - Blue Rabbit (Digipak CD)

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Appearing in the early 80's as an offshoot of the legendary UK power electronics band WHITEHOUSE, SUTCLIFFE JUGEND soon went to to become an equally confrontational and extreme purveyor of the early PE/industrial sound, producing some of the most abrasive and violent electronics albums ever with their early Come Organisation releases We Spit On Their Graves and Campaign.

For fans of the band that are primarily familiar with their harsher output on Come Org and Cold Spring, this is a revelation; a seething quasi-ambient nightmare that lingers with the listener, enhanced in it's creep factor by the unsettling paintings from SUTCLIFFE JUGEND's Kevin Tomkins that make up the album art.


Track listing

  1. Solace
  2. Seedless
  3. The Bad Mannered Prophet
  4. Blue Rabbit
  5. Feeding the Mouth that Bites You
  6. The Good Child
  7. Offal
  8. The Death of Pornography


Sutcliffe Jugend's "Blue Rabbit" is the most disturbing record I have ever heard. Musically, it offered me nothing but nightmares, which is of course its intention. It sets out to do one thing and achieves it with the precision of a scalpel as it slowly, meticulously, slices you open. If you think you've heard, no felt, tension, think again. This makes your skin crawl and it actually sticks to you like some disgusting residue. If torture, particularly sexual torture, gets you squeamish, probably best look away now. - 5/5