Svarrogh - Kukeri (CD)

Svarrogh - Kukeri (CD)

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Bulgarian folk metal.


Track listing

  1. The Pashovi Cliffs
  2. Mourning Mill
  3. Wind Hunters
  4. Kukeri Towards the Sea
  5. My Dinasty
  6. The Solitude of Stara Planina
  7. Rhodopean Winter
  8. Kukeri in the Snow
  9. Somewhere in the Woods
  10. Memories in the Dark of the Ages
  11. Sun, I Pray to Thee
  12. Kukeri of the Sun


...a seriously great album that has its roots planted firmly in the ground, creating a solid and very enjoyable listening experience. All I can say is that I'm extremely impressed with SVARROGH and I believe a lot of you will be too; especially fans of more extreme Folk Metal or even more so to those into experimental Black Metal. - 5/5