Svartfell - Apocryphe Apocalypse (CD)

Svartfell - Apocryphe Apocalypse (CD)

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Third album from this underground French creation (solo project of VERMETH drummer Valhgarm) with the theme of the occult apocryphal writings. Strong epic moments and mid tempo riffs for this great raw Satanic black metal, old school sound in the style of the 90's Scandinavian scene and old thrash all with dungeon chaos production!


Track listing

  1. Terribilis Est Locus Iste
  2. The Crimson Cross
  3. Baphomet and Death's Heads
  4. Depth of the Sacred Stone
  5. Asmodée, le souffle ardent de Dieu
  6. The Temple Beneath the Cromlech
  7. INRI - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
  8. Mountains of Doom (PartII)
  9. Maleficium - Epilogus


Concerning the composition and their structure, the tracks are very interesting, with nice changes in the riffing that break the monotony, with other times slow and other times fast passages, keep the listeners interest throughout the album's duration. The riffs are fast, straightforward Black Metal which brings to listener's mind the first days of the sound with quite many elements of Heavy and Thrash of the '80'ies. The guitars are dirty and dark and generally they are well played, delivering the occult, dark atmosphere of the compositions to the listener. - 5/5