Svatan - Awakening of the Mighty Flame (Digipak CD)

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Debut album. Formed by Foizer (ex MORK), Lamferniis (ex EVILWAR) and Domminus (THORNY WOODS).

6 panel die-cut digipak, 16 page booklet, 36 x 36 cm poster!


Track listing

  1. Act I - The Awakening of the Mighty Flame
  2. Act II - The Quest Into my Darkest Enlightenment
  3. Act III - Oppositor - Claritate Doctrinae Sathanas
  4. Act IV - The Principle of Thy Wisdom
  5. Act V - Blessed be the Godless Man
  6. Act VI - This Freedom Justify Thy Existence
  7. Act VII - Algol