Svoid - To Never Return (Digipak CD) Svoid - To Never Return (Digipak CD)

Svoid - To Never Return (Digipak CD)

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Dark, twisted, spiritual, Anti-Cosmic Black Metal of death from Hungary. Black as the night is the debut album of this beast. Opressive and haunting melodies meets excellent song-writing skills. Elegant 4 panel digipack CD release with 12 pages booklet.


Track listing

  1. Opus Gnosis
  2. Eleven Alpha
  3. Queen of Those Below
  4. Nightless Moon Mistress
  5. Genii Locorum
  6. The Pulse
  7. Antania
  8. Reborn in Flames
  9. Chaosathanas
  10. Noxulifer
  11. Towards the Horned Father


The concise, yet raw melody line reminded me of the glory days of old DARKTHRONE, while the groovy, somehow tribal drumming simply kicks ass. All of a sudden, the song changes towards the end and classic Metal roots become manifest. So you can already find the mark of DISSECTION, which runs like a golden thread through the album. 'Queen Of Those Below' and 'Nightless Moon Mistress' take the same line, melodic Black Metal deluxe, especially the latter one with its fine melody lines. - 5/5