Swarost - Oblicze kultu cieni (CD)

Swarost - Oblicze kultu cieni (CD)

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Raw Polish black metal.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Pod osłoną mroku
  3. I triumfu czas nastanie
  4. Philosophia
  5. ...by rozkuć kajdany
  6. Twierdza minionych wieków
  7. Outro


Under a Funeral Moon-era Darkthrone influences abound in the second demo from Slawkow's finest. The guitar tone is 100% Nocturno Culto, crisp and drenched in reverb, and lies heavily across the release like a choking blanket of snow. Vocals are competent, by-the-numbers monotone screams. The bass is audible, and the entire release has been well produced. - 4/5