T.O.M.B. - Sacrilegium (Cassette)

T.O.M.B. - Sacrilegium (Cassette)

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Extra copies. Originally came with professionally printed cassette, these will come with Black cassette and the pro-booklet. All tracks will be on side A. Official Cassette version.

Twenty minutes of Harsh Occult ritualistic Black Noise!!
Extreme atmospheric creations that challenge you to listen and punish your submission!
Invoked unto the Earth by Todestrieb to cause you the most tragic anguish and mental horrors as you enter the domain of TOMB - Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy - punishing, and supernatural creations crafted under the influence of those far beyond our realm.


Track listing

  1. Summoning Apparitions of Unrest
  2. IO
  3. Pure Necro Power
  4. Between Host
  5. Sacrilegium
  6. Forbidden Calls of Invoking Poltergeists
  7. Global Irreverence
  8. Divine Piece of Shit
  9. Unholy Utulo