T.O.M.B. - Terror Winds (LP)

T.O.M.B. - Terror Winds (LP)

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Terror Winds, the latest album from T.O.M.B. is the storming follow-up to The Thin Veil, which was released in 2020 on Dark Essence Records. Terror Winds sees T.O.M.B. return to their graveyard roots with six tracks that reek with the stench of old, raw, blasphemous black metal, infested with a spellbinding symphonic ambience, and necromantic noise soundscapes.
Terror Winds serves as an epic progression for the band - and promises to indulge the listener with an album that is authentic in its dangerous feel of early 90s black metal, while entrancing the senses with a powerful wave of ambient keyboards and classic cryptic T.O.M.B. noise. The album was recorded live at the Ossuary Studios in New York City, and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios in Sweden.
Over the course of the band's 20+ years of history, T.O.M.B. has continuously crossed the boundaries of extreme music by crafting together elements of dark ambient, doom, death industrial and power electronics into a unique style of terrifying black metal noise. It is a style that has earned the band a well-deserved place as one of the top innovators of modern-day black metal.


Track listing

  1. Terror Winds
  2. In the Ugly Dark
  3. Wraiths
  4. Hatred to All
  5. Frost Tyrants
  6. Reincarnation