T.O.M.B. - Xesse (LP)

T.O.M.B. - Xesse (LP)

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New release from U.S. Black Noise masters T.O.M.B. Single-sided LP limited to only 100!

T.O.M.B.'s one-sided Xesse LP is the scariest music yet by a scary band. Not so much black metal as simply "black." 20 minutes of empowered anguish and haunted souls. Up there with Nurse With Wound's re-imagined sanatorium Krautrock of Spiral Insana for sheer terror points, Xesse was fashioned in such a way as to not allow the listener to passively kick back and take it in; as the saying goes, "you'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only use the edge." When I first received the master recordings on Xesse, I cautiously wrote back with an "are you sure?" to the band, as some of the frequencies emphasized on Xesse were so tension-producing as to appear at first listen like a possible "mistake." But no, T.O.M.B. had and have a plan, and I came around to personal notions of good fortune and gratitude that I would be releasing one of the more fucked-up and truly original records in recent memory, infused with diseased emotion, via the meticulous field recording the band does in "haunted" or "damned" locations (this time in my birthplace of Essex County, NJ.) Mastered at Aardvark, sleeve inserts screen-printed by Seizure Palace.


Track listing

  1. Xesse
  2. Silence Is Suffering
  3. Within the Circle of Bones
  4. The Inhuman Condition
  5. Luciferian Homage