Tangorodrim - Defunct Pluto Mythology (CD)

Tangorodrim - Defunct Pluto Mythology (CD)

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Years and trends have passed, other bands have folded but the members of TANGORODRIM still stand tall and proud for what they believe in and nothing else: black fucking metal. Even if their last proper full-length dates all way back from 2007, in essence, their art hasn't changed a bit: after taking DARKTHRONE circa 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky' and/or 'Total Death' era DNA they've added even more punk attitude and sound into it and on purpose choose to remain frontal and primitive. No solos wankery, no complex structures, no keyboards: just hateful, basic and in-your-face black-metal. Don't let the colourful and almost psychedelic fool you then as the tar-induced guitars and Heller's stern and gravel-filled voice are here to take you down, to HELL!


Track listing

  1. Underground in Law
  2. Green Fields - Grey Clouds
  3. Defunct Pluto Mythology
  4. Germinated Flames of Anti-Light
  5. Blind Charon
  6. Latent Period


Tangorodrim's kept the filthy, heavy hitting black metal style that made their earlier releases so appealing and added in a hint of psychedelic elements into the mix. The results are raw, unhinged and even a little bit weird at times, but no matter what subtle nuances the band has added in this time around they always return to the destructive sound and grime you expect from this genre. If your tastes are like mine and a more punk infused black metal album that you can feel the alcohol oozing out of every note sounds appealing this is a must have... - 5/5