Tangorodrim / Salute - Split (LP)

Tangorodrim / Salute - Split (LP)

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New 10" MLP!

So you thought you were safe from TANGORODRIM didn't you? That the recent, deluxe re-release on vinyl only of their third album (originally released in 2003) was a one-off shot? Well, think again. Now fully back on track with a now expanded four-piece line-up and right in the wake of the recent release of an impressive EP, Israel's most bastard sons are back with a vengeance with this split and two epic tracks, including the 7+ minutes fist-in-the-face-God that is Unholy From The Hooves To The Horns.

Fear not, their brother-in-arms from SALUTE aren't resting on their laurels either though. As a matter of fact, while their earlier material was first and foremost about black dirty n'roll, dope and fucking in the streets, these two new songs (plus one bonus track) feel like a bit of departure for the Bristol boys but retain their unmistakable thirst for all things evil. And yes, they would still make Nocturno Culto and Fenriz proud.


Track listing

  1. Six Years on Your Knees
  2. Unholy from the Hooves to the Horns
  3. Achtung
  4. The Beast Returns
  5. The Fucking Priest