Tardy Brothers - Bloodline (CD)

Tardy Brothers - Bloodline (CD)

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The OBITUARY brothers return with a new slab of crushing floridian death metal!
In 1984, John and Donald Tardy started their first band, EXECUTIONER (later XECUTIONER), with long time friend and guitar player Trevor Peres. By 1989, they changed their name to OBITUARY, and the first album Slowly We Rot was released. Almost 25 years and multiple releases later the TARDY BROTHERS have decided to record some of their own music. TARDY BROTHERS Bloodline is the first of what the brothers hope are several releases that they plan to invite some of the many friends / musicians they've met over the years to record with. For the first release, the brothers have invited new OBITUARY (former DEICIDE, DEATH) guitarist Ralph Santolla and are bringing back the original Executioner guitarist Jerry Tidwell!


Track listing

  1. Bring You Down
  2. Bloodline
  3. I'm Alive
  4. Deep Down
  5. Wired
  6. Fate's Call
  7. Eternal Lies
  8. Scream Descendent
  9. Fade Away


Where the album does shine is the Morristown mix and mastering. It sounds clear, the guitars have a great chunky sound to them, and the occasional acoustics simmer in the mix. The John Tardy vocals sound their vomited best. You get a few decent tracks here, and I'd liken this project to what Corpsegrinder tried with his stint in Paths of Posession, but I'm glad this is only a side project and Obituary will continue as planned. - 3/5