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Tarnkappe - Tussen hun en de zon (Digipak CD)

Tarnkappe - Tussen hun en de zon (Digipak CD)

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Harsh and intense black metal from Dutch soil!
As a small country, the Dutch are far from doing bad when it comes to their contribution to the black metal scene, on the contrary... They have more than enough bands that could rise above and should not be left unnoticed any longer. Tussen Hun En De Zon (meaning Between them and the Sun in English) by TARNKAPPE is yet another band that proves this quality-approach in full. In this case you might be caught by surprise totally. Quite something, considering this band partially consists of LUGUBRE, KJELD and SALACIOUS GODS members, although TARNKAPPE surpasses those names easily!
If you enjoy your black metal with an organic, natural sound, TARNKAPPE will be on your to get list sky high. We would almost say that we have a Dutch version of ARCKANUM here, but this would not justify what this band has achieved here. They are original enough to have their own sound. This is because of the vocals, that sound like a sardonic gnome, a pestiferous being that desperately cries out its tormented hymns. This is complimented very well by the similar sounding arrangement of the music with a harsh yet clear production! A hypnotizing, gloomy setting that makes this release sound ritualistic and captivating.


Track listing

  1. To Wade in the Blood
  2. Poorten der triomf
  3. Rouwmantel
  4. Kraft der Vernichtung
  5. Mit Ketten am Leiche
  6. Duister mijn geweten
  7. De verschoppeling
  8. Departure
  9. Als reuzen zullen wij staan
  10. Kaalslag
  11. Wouddwalen