Teitanblood - The Baneful Choir (LP)

Teitanblood - The Baneful Choir (LP)

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The third full-length of TEITANBLOOD. The Baneful Choir denies a single night of penitence to resonate the sheer horror of the sacrificed and the eldritch gaze of the abyss as the last hour draws near. 51 minutes, eleven tracks, horror without end.


Track listing

  1. Rapture Below
  2. Black Vertebrae
  3. Leprous Fire
  4. Ungodly Others
  5. Inhuman Utterings
  6. Insight
  7. ...of the Mad Men
  8. The Baneful Choir
  9. Sunken Stars
  10. Verdict of the Dead
  11. Charnel Above