The Accused - Oh Martha (2006 Reissue) (CD)

The Accused - Oh Martha (2006 Reissue) (CD)

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Brand new album from Seattle, USA's thrash / metal / hardcore / punk pioneers THE ACCUSED! They have returned - from the WRONG SIDE OF THE GRAVE alright! - along with Martha Splatterhead to throw down some old-school metal / hardcore chops like you've never heard before...! It's called "splatter rock", and The ACCUSED...they invented it!


Track listing

  1. Martha Will
  2. Fueled by Hate
  3. Crapassreality
  4. Fast Zombies Rule
  5. Dying on the Vine
  6. Hooker Fortified Pork Products
  7. Life Kills On
  8. NES
  9. Filth Hounds of Hades (Tank cover)
  10. Stay Dead
  11. Scream and Die
  12. Of the Body
  13. 13 Letters
  14. Have You Never Been Mellow? (Olivia Newton John cover)
  15. Distractions Bonus
  16. Martha Splatterhead / Slow Death Bonus
  17. Take My Time Bonus
  18. Fucking for Bux Bonus
  19. - Bonus
  20. Halo of Flies (A Deadly Blessing) Bonus
  21. Lifeless Zone Bonus
  22. Scotty Bonus
  23. W.C.A.L.T. Bonus
  24. Septi-Child (Outtake) Bonus
  25. Brutality and Corruption Bonus
  26. Splatter Rock Bonus
  27. Grinning like an Undertaker Bonus
  28. Tapping the Vein Bonus
  29. Rape (Not a Love Song) Bonus
  30. Bethany Home Bonus
  31. Grinning like an Undertaker (live) Bonus
  32. Inherit the Earth (live) Bonus